Peer Coaching is a workforce coaching program featuring Marshall Goldsmith, Richard Leider ,Carry Metkowski and other special guest appearances.

The goal of Peer Coaching is to create a workplace fueled by positive, purpose driven employees using the power of coaching. Think about professional athletes for a moment, nobody bats an eye when they talk about their coach or team of coaches for that matter. Imagine what  practice sessions would look like if players didn’t give each other feedback or coaching on the plays they were running.

The same is true for your workplace. When employees work together to create an atmosphere where they can do their best work, your customers reap the rewards, your employees reap the rewards and let’s face it, so does your bottom line! One leader commented,”Employee AND customer experience should be the new boss since they drive it all!”

In more academic terms, Peer Coaching is an action-learning program, which teaches simple behavior based coaching skills across your workforce. These action-learning experiences create an integrated framework of competencies such as: building trust- a key component of integrity, vulnerability, higher levels of listening, heightened self awareness, increased self trust, willingness to give and get important feedback and participants’ ability to take new, culture building actions.

Who would Benefit from Peer Coaching?

From the Human Resource Professional who wants to check off several boxes with one mark, to the person in charge of developing your company’s emerging leadership pipeline, to the division director whose team is ready for next level performance, peer coaching will help you drive your customer experience based business goals.

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