Hi I’m Carry Metkowski!

Part design thinker, part producer, part coach, part prayin’ Mama fueled by 100% chutzpah and intuition.It’s my mission in life, to help people participate in a workplace where they are able to contribute their best work.

Why focus on workplace you ask?

After years of coaching leaders and managers, hearing over and over how their workplace was affecting the rest of their life, I knew where I wanted to focus the efforts of my life…helping people create workplaces they love, being able to contribute in a way that is meaningful to both themselves, their team and ultimately the customer. Life is short, love what you do and where you’re doing it! Because not being able to contribute your best work at work leads to frustration- frustration that carries to other parts of you life. 

My journey to this point didn’t take a traditional path, but it’s the path I chose and I own it proudly, warts and all!

Getting here today, meant leveraging learning my work in a few different industries, fashion, learning and development, film and coaching. I know, your thinking, how in the world do those even fit together? I admit on the surface it’s not completely obvious what connects all these industries, but, looking back the common thread is very clearly, STORY.

From my years at a national retailer, working with in the bridal division on trend reveal/sales teams,  from likes of Jim O’Leary of Waterford crystal, Lord Wedgwood of the House of Wedgwood, Carly Ronning of the Knot, gown designers Vera Wang and Ramona Keveeza. It didn’t take long working in the fashion field to learn, the most successful concepts come from understanding how your audience sees themselves. Successful designers are storytellers. Listening to characters hopes and dreams, designers create concepts that make those dreams come true.

The other field I pull my life threads from is the learning and development world. I was crazy blessed to have landed at ChartHouse Learning Home of the FISH! Philosophy, a learning film firm in Minneapolis. There I co-lead product development and services with owner John Christensen, building several products in their product line. In my time there, I again noticed another way story leads our lives. In this case, the clients want to shift the internal employee story to create more engagement.

While developing the processes needed to support a customer’s story design, I noticed the way current culture and the emerging culture wrestled, one to keep hold  and one to take hold. As all those thread of experience were coming together,  I also began coaching. When creating a learning film with Marshall Goldsmith, Marshall began to share his story about the impact mentors had in his life. He then turned to me and said, “I want to make a difference in your life, the way my mentors did, what can I do?”

Whoa, huge moment! I knew whatever happened next, my life was about to change. I knew I need to follow my gut and so after completing that project, I began doing workplace research around my hunches, and eight thousand coaching hours later, a topic emerged. I now know is the game changer for workplace culture  and workplace coaching -Peer Coaching. Learn more